Money!!!! (MMM, and some holistic ideas)

  • Stop spending your money on dumb shit, period.  This is the most important part of becoming wealthy.  
  • Stop spending your money on dumb shit, period.  This is the most important part of becoming wealthy.  
    • I wrote that twice because it is so damned important.  This is the difference between wealthy people and poor people.  Wealthy people do NOT buy stupid things before they can afford them.  I highly suggest reading this blog right here: 
    • If you buy something dumb you had a 100% loss.  Nothing is worse than that per dollar.  You have to get this under control or you will always be poor.  PERIOD.
  • Stoicism:  Find this as quickly as possible.  Not only will your life be more tranquil, but building your resources will come naturally.  I recommend this book right here: 
  • Once you are comfortable with the above ideas you should also be building up your career.  You can only become wealthy if you have a good flow of income, and it’s much quicker if you are doing more than making minimum wage at your McJob.  Yes, you need a career.  
  • Sure it seems RP to start your own business.  Don’t do this unless you know what the fuck you are in for, and here is a tip.  YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR.
    • Use your 20s and build up a real career so that later in life you can start your own business when you aren’t a stupid 20 something.
  • Your 20s are for building your career and saving as much money as humanly possible.  Learn to have fun on the cheap.  Learn how to do basic investing and gain control of your  money, so that when you hit your 30s you will have some money to throw at good projects and maybe start your own company.
  • There are two kinds of investing, traditional and speculative.  I personally have made a ton in speculative investing but you may not.  Therefore you shouldn’t get into it without planning to lose that money.
    • I consider traditional to be stuff like your tax advantaged accounts and index funds.  Decent percentages over time, very low risk, and the tax advantages means very high returns on the dollar.
    • Speculative stuff is much more fun, but much much more risky.  Individual stocks, Bridge Loans, Private Equity, etc.  I’ve made and lost a ton in these.
  • Speculative investing is part of a cult for rich people.  Yes, rich people are their own demographic that you should be attempting to break into.  Rich people will always have projects that they are willing to bring their friends into.  This means that if you want to play ball, you have to be socially savvy.  
    • Here are some strategies to do this:
      • Stop wasting time doing nothing with your lame friends from high school that are content with minimal success.  Relegate them down to a facebook only statistic and hang with them at events, not as daily friends.
      • Gain some hobbies.  Productive hobbies that expose you to more people.  The more people you know the more opportunities to have some wealthy friends show up.
      • Do charity work, and make sure you write everything off.
      • Actively improve your ability to talk to people.  You need to be out doing social things, period.  If you are a sperg you should sign up for an improv class, and for gods sake you need to realize that you have a problem and fix it.  You CANNOT rationalize this requirement away, it will always be there.
      • And like I said above NEVER INVEST WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE!!!!!!
  • Pay as little in taxes as possible.  Get a good accountant who is willing to fill out the long form.  This can be especially important if you are contracting or are really doing just about any IT work in general.  I’ve attempted to do my own taxes before multiple times and I can never do better than my accountant.  And no, I’ve never feared an audit.  The rules are there for the rich to take advantage, if you are not, you are simply donating it to the government.  Maybe you like that, go ahead.  Just don’t plan on being rich.
  • Stop thinking that a Liberal Arts degree is useful.  College debt is something you really need to think about, especially vs a junior college or a trade school.  I paid a plumber over 300 bucks for under an hour’s worth of work.  There is no shame in actually being able to do things.  You can always change careers, you can’t just magically make debt disappear.  
  • It is VERY Important that you don’t waste your money on women, or that you don’t get into an LTR with an expensive woman.  An LTR is a fucking success battleship and everyone has a job, and noone’s job is to waste resources.  You probably aren’t ready for an LTR.  

SERGE, or You probably don’t know what the fuck you are talking about when it comes to working out.

You’d be shocked at the amount of times guys come into our beloved IRC channel asking about lifting advice.  When they do I link them this:

.. and then they immediately shriek autistically about shit that they have no fucking idea about.

Here is what they say:

  • Physt, you’ve only been working out for 20 years, how dare you link a hypertrophy workout to me when I wanted justification for doing SL5x5?!
  • Physt, Serge did steroids there is no way this workout will work for me, how dare you subject my eyes to this!?
  • Physt, You may have a giant penis, but I have a tiny small one so I need to explain to you nonlinear and linear periodization, hypertrophy, myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic muscle growth, protein synthesis, lactic acid, penile implants, and a million other things I read about on
  • Physt, despite you linking me this plan which I pre-hate due to my lack of experience in the gym, you should come to my gay wedding.  I’m wearing an expensive wedding dress!
  • Physt, despite the fact that most bodybuilders are very fucking strong, there is no way this workout will make me strong, it’ll just add water muscles whatever that means.

Well citizen, you are in for a treat because I’m about to explain why the Serge Nubret Workout Method is the one your ass should be doing.  And yes this applies to anyone no matter what their misinformed goals are.

Practical Info:

  • Serge is a super high volume training program that you do 6 days per week.  Doing the diet above (IF) will make this much more efficient.  I highly suggest combining the 2.  Serge is an abcabc program, 6 days per week.  It is hard as fuck and will test your willpower.  But it is the fastest way to build muscle that I am aware of.
    • No, you don’t need full body rest days.  Overtraining is something your weak ass isn’t even approaching.  
    • Yes, you will be growing myofibrillar muscle tissue as well as sarcoplasmic.  You will be getting stronger.  I promise you this.  If you even know that there are 2 kinds of muscle growth, you probably spent too much time on the internet.  
    • Yes it’s cool to sub out certain exercises here and there once you know what you are doing as long as you follow the intent.
    • Yes over time you should increase the weights you do.  You obviously aren’t going to do this every single routine like you do in SL5x5 but as soon as you can make it through a workout without crying like a wee little baby add in a little weight.  For this workout you’ll probably start by adding clamps since 5lbs is going to change the whole experience.

Non Practical Info: (the deep philosophical and psychological shit, and why I prefer Serge to SL5x5)

  • So you’ve looked at that routine and compared it to SL5x5 and realized that these 2 routines are about as dissimilar as you can get.  SL is 3 days per week and only a total of about 10-20 sets per workout with only 5 reps per set, and takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  Serge is 6 days per week about 50 sets of 12 reps per set, and takes over an hour and a half to 2 hours per workout.  Let’s discuss the differences more closely.
    • “SL5x5 is easy and doesn’t hurt.”  “What?  But I did SL5x5 and it hurt a ton, you are full of shit!”  Well retard, anyone who’s done any lifting in their life knows the difference between heavy lifting and higher rep lifting.  When you are approaching fatigue in a heavy lifting routine you simply fail, there is next to no pain at all.  While on a higher rep routine you get lots of pain and suffering as you power through your last bunch of sets.  There is simply no comparison in terms of pain levels here.  Your willpower and pain tolerance will be tested like it has never been tested before on Serge.  In the west we don’t have hard lives at all.  We no longer hunt or fight, so all we have is our artificial in the gym.  Why wouldn’t you pick a program that contains the maximum amount of struggle available to you?
    • “In SL5x5 I feel myself getting stronger so quickly and I get a boner every time I go to the gym because my 5rm goes up each week.  I need that reward system in place or else I’ll quit due to already having next to no discipline and willpower.”  This one speaks for itself.  Your reward for going to the gym is that you are now fucking manlier.  When you leave the gym after doing serge you feel like you’ve just battled a lion for 2 hours.  You’ll only get a fraction of that feeling when you do less work.  It’s not dildo surgery.
    • “I’m a busy man and only have so much time to devote to this, so a 5×5 routine is a better use of my time.”  This is the dumbest shit ever.  If you are actually someone who is this busy, then the last thing you need is any advice from me.  You must be some high powered attorney that sleeps 3 hours a night.  I bet that’s not the case, and I bet you actually have plenty of time for this.
    • “I just hit my first plateau with 5×5 and my brain stopped working.  I started overeating and sleeping 16 hours per day and now I’m getting fatter and only slightly higher on my 5rm.  This means it is working and your ideas are shit, holy fuck I’m strong!”  This is actually one of my biggest gripes with 5×5 plans.  Plateau management truly leads to autism.  The second you miss a lift your ass goes onto the internet and FRANTICALLY googles for what to change.


And now for the coupe de grace:

  • “But I was whining on some other forum and some guy with a giant physique told me to start with 5×5 and then do some other super complex program that he developed after charging me 20 dollars for a personal training skype session.  He’s right and you’re wrong.”  Oh, don’t get me wrong I’m sure his program will work just fine for you.  In fact I know it will since nearly every workout program works, most people just quit.  But my reasons for recommending serge go beyond just building muscle, although I promise that after a year on Serge you won’t even recognize yourself.


This is a work in progress, I’m sure I’ll add more crap here as I continue yelling at people.

So go fuck yourself,




Intermittent Fasting. ONE MEAL PER DAY!

I rant a shit load about Intermittent Fasting in the IRC channel.  The rants nearly always look like this.  You are probably here if I’m not yelling at you in person.  Fuck you.

Your autistic ass has probably spent too much time reading broscience(tm) forums that convinced you to eat 97 meals per day, forcing food down with a plunger that has balls connected to the base.  You have been lied to by people trying to sell you shit.  Weather you are fat or skinny or built or gay this diet is for you.  Do this shit and gain the physique you want while becoming an immortal super saiyan in the process.  Also, fuck you.


  • You should be eating a single meal per day period.  This is when you are attempting to build muscle, which should be always.  This is called Intermittent Fasting, but you genuinely shouldn’t go onto the internet and read about it otherwise you will convince yourself to do something easier and less effective.  
    • 1 meal per day, pick a time.  But you can change it, just stick to one meal per day, that’s the only rule.
    • It should be a “normal” meal for you.  By normal, I mean don’t eat a whole cake for your meal.  There is also no reason to stuff your face for that meal.  Everything you’ve read about food on the internet is probably wrong.  If you overeat you just shit the extra food and protein out.  You do NOT need to be overeating to build muscle, it is much more related to hormones than that.
    • Ideally it would be a ketogenic meal, but I wouldn’t say that’s a requirement.
    • Physt attempts to keep that meal reasonable, and because He loves it, He will almost always have some sort of meat.
    • Yes that means you can build muscle on ~1kcal per day.  In fact, you will build more muscle due to what i’m going to explain below.
  • Not eating allows your body to produce growth hormone.  GH is produced in bursts and only during a fasted state.  You need to fast for at least 18 hours in order for your second burst to take place.  (Your first burst comes while you are sleeping).
  • You should really skip 1-2 of those meals this week for a total of 2x 48 hour fasts per week.  Your body bursts another and very large time if you do this, and having 1-2 of them per week will make recovery very very easy.  This I would consider optional, but if you are looking for life hacks, this is a big one.  Build up your fasting to include these, you will thank me.
  • Yes i’m saying to build muscle you need to eat less often.
  • There is also a theory regarding inflammation.  Every time you eat your body becomes burdened with an inflammation response.  It is essentially repairing the damage that eating is doing to your system.  If you are eating constantly, your body is constantly inflamed and therefore constantly wasting resources repairing that, as opposed to repairing muscle tissue and making your muscles bigger.  Yes, this means that you are less efficient at repairing the tissue you broke down via lifting.
    • You may be shocked to know that nearly every disease known to man that we are living with in the first world can be traced back to this process.  The less often you are eating the more healthy you will be.  Do this diet.
  • I bet by now your autistic ass has gone on the internet and frantically googled IF and have come across eating windows.  Well guess what, you just made yourself gay.  Eating windows remove much of the benefit this diet provides.
    • You don’t gain the simplicity of one meal.
    • You don’t gain the cost effectiveness of one meal.
    • If your windows are longer than 2 hours you don’t gain the benefit of the last release of GH per day.  WOOPS no bonus gains for you idiot.
    • Don’t go with eating windows, just go with one meal per day.  Stop making your life more complicated than it is.

“But physt, I’m autistic and If I’m not counting calories and carbs and all that I start hyperventilating and angerbating!”  Ah, yes.  You’ve been trained from the time you are were really young to be concerned with bullshit numbers that don’t matter nearly as much as people think.  Start by reading this article:  It will explain why calories are mostly bullshit and are really only useful to track changes in your eating habits in terms of quantity of food shoved into your cock-hungry mouth.  So, the last thing I’d recommend you do is count calories at all.  Just eat one normal meal per day.  That’s it.  Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  So simple!

Some of the best advice I can ever give is this.  Stop fucking obsessing over food and your diet.  The diet as I’ve outlined it means you can eat whatever you want without any stress.  You already have enough stress in your life just being your pathetic self.


Here are some links you should never fucking read:

  •   Shoutout to laxman14 for this dope link.
  •  Some IF info for your ass
  •   Fasting and GH
  • Halberg, N, M Henriksen, N Soderhamn, B Stallknecht, T Ploug, P Schjerling, and F Dela. 2005. “Effect of Intermittent Fasting and Refeeding on Insulin Action in Healthy Men.” Journal of Applied Physiology 99: 2128–2136. doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00683.2005.    At this point go the fuck outside and do something rather than wasting your time on the internet.
  •   STOP IT
  •   This asshole right here got me into IF like 8-10 years ago.  I started with 2-7 24 hour fasts per week, now I do it everyday.
  • Regarding inflammation:

Keepin it Real… Estate

Physt’s Guide to why you are probably a faggot if you think you can do well with real estate.

So someone told you that investing in real estate is a good idea. They are only right, if you are the right person for it. You probably aren’t even close. Below is a list of things you probably didn’t consider.

The average Joe was lead to believe they could do this:

But my dad did it?!



  • If you get a mortgage for a house and you don’t have 20% down you must pay PMI. This will eat up hundreds of dollars out of your bottom line. Until you have that 20%. Don’t even bother.
  • No matter what happens you must pay property tax, this is thousands of dollars per year.
  • All home improvements are tax deductible, but who gives a shit, you are still at a giant loss if you need to replace a roof or even just an AC unit.
  • Your margin of profit is much much smaller than you think even after you own the house outright.
  • HOAs and Utilities will eat into your profit. Nearly every house out there these days has a small HOA, don’t bother with the larger ones if you are thinking of profitability in the slightest.
  • You have an investment that is 1 flushed maxi pad away from being a multi thousand dollar liability.
  • Good tenants do exist, but even the best of them have issues. You now have to deal with them on a professional level. Are you up for that? If they simply decide to stop paying rent, you will have a very difficult time removing them.
  • In between renters you will likely have to do things like replace the carpet and repaint everything. The security deposit will not be enough to cover this unless you plan on devaluing your property by putting in the cheapest, nastiest shit possible.
  • You now have to deal with home repair contractors. Enjoy disputing things your tenants have broken vs things that break over time. you will be getting screwed until you find ones you can rely on. They will become like a new family you will have to manage. Even at one house.
  • You might think property management is a good idea. 10% of your rent is what they charge. Avoid.

By the time all this is accounted for, and you have a couple of disasters per year the actual rent vs the mortgage you are paying will be much different numbers. You need to have a lot of money saved up in order to cover the difference or be a person with a lot of income already. The bonus is that you can write everything off, it’s not great but it does take the edge off right?

There are people out there that did things like buy a house a year for 30+ years and were able to funnel that money around and make it all work. These people knew what the hell they were doing and treated it like second full time job… because it was. They were able to spend next to nothing in taxes due to all they had to spend on this. These are people comfortable living in near poverty. This will only work in circumstances that you probably aren’t prepared to understand.

You are not ready for this.

I own property out right that I rent, best I ever do is about 6% and I have a very large support system looking out for me that you don’t have. You can do better with much less work for your money.



Why your tattoo is probably gay. A pointless rant by your uncle physt.

This applies to 99% of guys out there. Your tattoo is gay because you didn’t really earn it.
“But physt! I sat there for an hour and it hurt a lot and I paid money for it!”

You shut the hell up you faggot!

A tattoo stays on your body for your entire life. That is heavy. That must match something heavy that you have done or endured. You must earn this tattoo or you are cheating. You are gaining the value of the tat without having done anything to earn it. And don’t get this wrong, chicks love tattoos.

Earning it means your tattoo represents something fucking badass you did. This is also why every time I see a young person with a few tats, I immediately look down at them. Young people haven’t had time to do anything badass.

The majority of tattoos I have seen lately have been monuments to self stimulation and consumerism. For example, if you have a pokemon character anywhere on you, then you are probably gay. The obvious exception being if you actually created part of the pokemon franchise, or you are the worlds greatest pokemon whatever the hell it is. But if you simply like pokemon and got a pokemon tat… yep, you’re gay.

Lately I’ve seen tons and tons of comic art tattooed on people. Yep, that’s gay too. Unless you are a fucking artist that has created badass shit. Then you are good to go. If you are just a person that reads comics… yep, you are gay.

Here are some legit uses of the tat:

  • They can represent your affiliation with a group of people that demand respect.
  • They can represent actual struggles you’ve overcome. Make sure you aren’t overestimating your actual suffering here.
  • They can represent things you’ve done that are worthy of the tat. Make sure this is legit too.
  • They can sit on top of a badass person. Yep, if you are seriously fucking badass in general, get the fucking tat you badass motherfucker. Unfortunately most young people today are simply not badass. Just people looking to up their value without actually doing anything.


So if you are going to get that tat, you should really take inventory. If you have tats already, do some badass shit to earn them.

fuck you



Don’t ever fuck with tren.

I could leave this article with that, but maybe you are one of those guys that likes to confront their shadow and read deeper into the madness.

Still, don’t do tren you dummy!

Ok here goes. This is my attempt to simplify some concepts from the world of roids for you so you don’t have to bother spending all day googling shit you will never do.

Steroids are called AAS for a reason. It means Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids. Anabolic means “grows fucking muscles” and Androgenic means “makes you more of a man chemically”. Scientists back in the day came up with a number system by measuring some indicators in rats when testing compounds. They came up with some numbers and setup testosterone as the gold standard. Testosterone has a 100/100 anabolic/androgenic rating.

Why is that important? Well, the anabolic side is all fine and dandy, it’s just building muscles. The androgenic side poses a problem. All the other fun and not-so-fun effects of being more manly happen because of that. These include hair loss, aggression, etc, etc, etc… Basically everything bad you’ve ever read about them steroids are caused because you took a chemical to build muscles, but instead of just building muscles it also made you more “manly”. For better or worse.

While these ratios aren’t perfect, they are useful when talking about these compounds. So lots of bodybuilders seek to have a high anabolic rating and a low androgenic rating in their chemicals.

Check out this super scientific chart right here:

Notice lots of compounds have high anabolic and low androgenic ratings. That’s great right, you should just take those instead of the ones with higher androgenic ratings? Well yes but here’s the catch:

Most of these chemicals all shut down your natural testosterone production. So if you take them without also taking testosterone you are asking for fucking trouble. Your body needs ACTUAL testosterone and not just these weird ass chemicals. That’s why people stack them up. You see cycles combining test with various chemicals. If you take tren, unless you are a full blown retard, you are also taking testosterone.

This means you have to account for aromatization from the testosterone. Tren by itself doesn’t do this, but you wouldn’t dare do that.

Let’s take a quick detour and talk about aromatization. Testosterone in high doses is pretty great for you, estrogen in high doses is a fucking horrible nightmare of a problem. Bitch tits, crying during romantic comedies or at gay ducks, looking at other guys and getting aroused, extreme sexual dysfunction etc. Testosterone and some of these other chemicals will turn into estrogen unless you take yet another compound to prevent this. (so now you are up to 3 btw. test + tren + your aromatase inhibitor)

Ok so you have your AI on hand for the testosterone, and you now determine to add in that tren. Tren is some next level shit. It has a rating of 500/500, and is one of the harshest compounds you can put into your body. Think of it like turbo-testosterone. Let’s talk specifically about tren now. Tren doesn’t turn into estrogen! Yay! That’s great! Because if it did you’d be super fucked. However Tren causes massive amounts of prolactin which is the chemical that causes you to produce breast milk. Yes I said breast milk. You can be milked on it. You can take cabergoline to attempt to stave off the prolactin, but that doesn’t always work and BAM now you are up to at least 4 compounds you will need. Anyways.

That 500 number in that anabolic rating is legit. You will see massive muscle growth on Tren. Unlike any other compound out there. But that 500 androgenic rating is no fucking joke. You WILL see side effects from trenbolone that you wouldn’t even think were possible on just testosterone. The side effects are just a part of it, they are assumed, and the only person willing to take tren simply understands that and deals with them. You will lose some hair, you will be horny as fuck, you will be aggressive, you will be moody, you will get acne, you will have changes in your nipples, you will have shrunken testicles, etc etc etc. All that good shit.

When your cycle is over. Prepare for a crash! All the pct in the world isn’t going to help you with this one. It will suck worse than anything you have ever done. From hero to less than zero. There are things you can do via “post cycle therapy” to help, but it’s not going to help enough to offset all this mess. Clomid and HCG are your friends. That’s 2 more compounds you will be taking, for a total of at least 6. 6 compounds just because you wanted to do tren. Think of that!!

I hope that helps clear it up, don’t fuck with this shit. It’s not worth the massive amounts of problems/risks/sides/etc. Also see my other article on testosterone. This goes hand in hand with that.

fuck you,


So, you want to take testosterone?

You already know that this is a stupid idea for a bunch of obvious reasons, but I bet you didn’t know this big not-so-obvious reason.

A little background:

If you are in our beloved TRP IRC channel, i.e. the source of all masculine wisdom, then you are probably using a fancy computer and living in the west. When I say the west, I mean a place lacking real struggle. You didn’t have to dodge landmines and climb a mountain to get your internet access did you? Probably not. Your life pretty great.

One of the things we know is that it is difficult to be a powerful masculine type without overcoming adversity. It’s hard to be a man without struggle. We need both physical and mental adversity or we just stagnate into faggotry.

Our number one solution to this is always “Hit the fucking gym, you lazy faggot!”.

There are tons of ways to artificially inject some good old fashioned pain and suffering into our lives, but the gym does it quickly and efficiently. You get the benefits of health and that hot sexy bod that will have the ladies splooshin’. You also get the benefits of the struggle. Your brain becomes accustomed to it. You become harder, stronger, and tougher. You go further down the road to masculinity.

The real problem:

Steroids take all the pain and suffering out of going to the gym. If you have never done steroids you have no idea what I’m talking about, but if you have then you know exactly what I mean. They make you feel fan-fucking-tastic while you are lifting. You look forward to the gym as if it were a titty bar. It’s almost orgasmic when you are doing your routine. You don’t need me to reference that Arny video about “dah pump” do you? Well that is completely real.

The problem with that is you just removed one of the best sources of struggle from your life. POOOOOOF Gone. You no longer gain the benefit of the struggle. Sure you will get some bigger muscles, I’d never dispute that. But now when you go to the gym, it’s just like watching porn for your brain. You’ve turned the gym into porn, and I promise you this… porn isn’t good for you.

Don’t think for a second that this reason is trivial. It is not. It’s hard enough being masculine in today’s society. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

fuck you,


Ok, so you don’t have many skills and you see all these guys in the TRP channel bragging about making 6 figures. Well, since you have nothing better to do, you should get yourself a CCNA. Note if you cannot focus or study, this probably isn’t for you.

CCNA: This is an entry level networking certification specifically focusing on Cisco equipment. Cisco is pretty much the industry standard so you can’t really go wrong having one. It will only benefit you.

Required Commitment: You will need to acquire a study guide somehow. You can buy them or find them using alternative means. You will also have to take the exam. This will cost you a few hundred dollars and a few hours of your time. To go from zero to ccna will require some work from you. If you are highly motivated this will take anywhere from a weekend to about 2 weeks of pretty solid evening studying. It will also require you get familiar with gns3, which is a network emulator. The test itself has a lab component these days, so you will actually have to prove you can configure devices. If you need any advice with this section you can probably ask around in the trp channel and someone can point you in the right direction.

Ok you passed your CCNA, now it is time to get an entry level networking job.

Step 1: Make a resume. There are a million guides out there, pick one for entry level networking.
Step 2: Reach out to a few recruiters and start socially networking. Join up with networking subreddits, and irc channels. Make friends with networkers. It might not happen right away, so in the mean time you should be working a crappy non-career job and increasing your value by getting a few more certs. I highly recommend: RHCSA, it is a 1-2 week study and if you combine it with a ccna, you will be pretty well off.

Entry Level Network will probably snag you about 40-60k realistically. But what is important is that once you get your foot in the door you will be on your way to a career. 5 years of networking experience combined with some linux and certs can get you that 6 figures you see people bragging about.

Oh Shit I can’t find a job despite the 3 weeks I’ve invested into my career and 500 bucks!?!?!?!?! Well, keep improving yourself, it’ll happen or it won’t. But you are better off than doing nothing, and more importantly you aren’t 100k in debt with a degree in basket weaving. Keep adding certs and networking while you are working your non-career job.