Ok, so you don’t have many skills and you see all these guys in the TRP channel bragging about making 6 figures. Well, since you have nothing better to do, you should get yourself a CCNA. Note if you cannot focus or study, this probably isn’t for you.

CCNA: This is an entry level networking certification specifically focusing on Cisco equipment. Cisco is pretty much the industry standard so you can’t really go wrong having one. It will only benefit you.

Required Commitment: You will need to acquire a study guide somehow. You can buy them or find them using alternative means. You will also have to take the exam. This will cost you a few hundred dollars and a few hours of your time. To go from zero to ccna will require some work from you. If you are highly motivated this will take anywhere from a weekend to about 2 weeks of pretty solid evening studying. It will also require you get familiar with gns3, which is a network emulator. The test itself has a lab component these days, so you will actually have to prove you can configure devices. If you need any advice with this section you can probably ask around in the trp channel and someone can point you in the right direction.

Ok you passed your CCNA, now it is time to get an entry level networking job.

Step 1: Make a resume. There are a million guides out there, pick one for entry level networking.
Step 2: Reach out to a few recruiters and start socially networking. Join up with networking subreddits, and irc channels. Make friends with networkers. It might not happen right away, so in the mean time you should be working a crappy non-career job and increasing your value by getting a few more certs. I highly recommend: RHCSA, it is a 1-2 week study and if you combine it with a ccna, you will be pretty well off.

Entry Level Network will probably snag you about 40-60k realistically. But what is important is that once you get your foot in the door you will be on your way to a career. 5 years of networking experience combined with some linux and certs can get you that 6 figures you see people bragging about.

Oh Shit I can’t find a job despite the 3 weeks I’ve invested into my career and 500 bucks!?!?!?!?! Well, keep improving yourself, it’ll happen or it won’t. But you are better off than doing nothing, and more importantly you aren’t 100k in debt with a degree in basket weaving. Keep adding certs and networking while you are working your non-career job.

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