Don’t ever fuck with tren.

I could leave this article with that, but maybe you are one of those guys that likes to confront their shadow and read deeper into the madness.

Still, don’t do tren you dummy!

Ok here goes. This is my attempt to simplify some concepts from the world of roids for you so you don’t have to bother spending all day googling shit you will never do.

Steroids are called AAS for a reason. It means Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids. Anabolic means “grows fucking muscles” and Androgenic means “makes you more of a man chemically”. Scientists back in the day came up with a number system by measuring some indicators in rats when testing compounds. They came up with some numbers and setup testosterone as the gold standard. Testosterone has a 100/100 anabolic/androgenic rating.

Why is that important? Well, the anabolic side is all fine and dandy, it’s just building muscles. The androgenic side poses a problem. All the other fun and not-so-fun effects of being more manly happen because of that. These include hair loss, aggression, etc, etc, etc… Basically everything bad you’ve ever read about them steroids are caused because you took a chemical to build muscles, but instead of just building muscles it also made you more “manly”. For better or worse.

While these ratios aren’t perfect, they are useful when talking about these compounds. So lots of bodybuilders seek to have a high anabolic rating and a low androgenic rating in their chemicals.

Check out this super scientific chart right here:

Notice lots of compounds have high anabolic and low androgenic ratings. That’s great right, you should just take those instead of the ones with higher androgenic ratings? Well yes but here’s the catch:

Most of these chemicals all shut down your natural testosterone production. So if you take them without also taking testosterone you are asking for fucking trouble. Your body needs ACTUAL testosterone and not just these weird ass chemicals. That’s why people stack them up. You see cycles combining test with various chemicals. If you take tren, unless you are a full blown retard, you are also taking testosterone.

This means you have to account for aromatization from the testosterone. Tren by itself doesn’t do this, but you wouldn’t dare do that.

Let’s take a quick detour and talk about aromatization. Testosterone in high doses is pretty great for you, estrogen in high doses is a fucking horrible nightmare of a problem. Bitch tits, crying during romantic comedies or at gay ducks, looking at other guys and getting aroused, extreme sexual dysfunction etc. Testosterone and some of these other chemicals will turn into estrogen unless you take yet another compound to prevent this. (so now you are up to 3 btw. test + tren + your aromatase inhibitor)

Ok so you have your AI on hand for the testosterone, and you now determine to add in that tren. Tren is some next level shit. It has a rating of 500/500, and is one of the harshest compounds you can put into your body. Think of it like turbo-testosterone. Let’s talk specifically about tren now. Tren doesn’t turn into estrogen! Yay! That’s great! Because if it did you’d be super fucked. However Tren causes massive amounts of prolactin which is the chemical that causes you to produce breast milk. Yes I said breast milk. You can be milked on it. You can take cabergoline to attempt to stave off the prolactin, but that doesn’t always work and BAM now you are up to at least 4 compounds you will need. Anyways.

That 500 number in that anabolic rating is legit. You will see massive muscle growth on Tren. Unlike any other compound out there. But that 500 androgenic rating is no fucking joke. You WILL see side effects from trenbolone that you wouldn’t even think were possible on just testosterone. The side effects are just a part of it, they are assumed, and the only person willing to take tren simply understands that and deals with them. You will lose some hair, you will be horny as fuck, you will be aggressive, you will be moody, you will get acne, you will have changes in your nipples, you will have shrunken testicles, etc etc etc. All that good shit.

When your cycle is over. Prepare for a crash! All the pct in the world isn’t going to help you with this one. It will suck worse than anything you have ever done. From hero to less than zero. There are things you can do via “post cycle therapy” to help, but it’s not going to help enough to offset all this mess. Clomid and HCG are your friends. That’s 2 more compounds you will be taking, for a total of at least 6. 6 compounds just because you wanted to do tren. Think of that!!

I hope that helps clear it up, don’t fuck with this shit. It’s not worth the massive amounts of problems/risks/sides/etc. Also see my other article on testosterone. This goes hand in hand with that.

fuck you,

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