So, you want to take testosterone?

You already know that this is a stupid idea for a bunch of obvious reasons, but I bet you didn’t know this big not-so-obvious reason.

A little background:

If you are in our beloved TRP IRC channel, i.e. the source of all masculine wisdom, then you are probably using a fancy computer and living in the west. When I say the west, I mean a place lacking real struggle. You didn’t have to dodge landmines and climb a mountain to get your internet access did you? Probably not. Your life pretty great.

One of the things we know is that it is difficult to be a powerful masculine type without overcoming adversity. It’s hard to be a man without struggle. We need both physical and mental adversity or we just stagnate into faggotry.

Our number one solution to this is always “Hit the fucking gym, you lazy faggot!”.

There are tons of ways to artificially inject some good old fashioned pain and suffering into our lives, but the gym does it quickly and efficiently. You get the benefits of health and that hot sexy bod that will have the ladies splooshin’. You also get the benefits of the struggle. Your brain becomes accustomed to it. You become harder, stronger, and tougher. You go further down the road to masculinity.

The real problem:

Steroids take all the pain and suffering out of going to the gym. If you have never done steroids you have no idea what I’m talking about, but if you have then you know exactly what I mean. They make you feel fan-fucking-tastic while you are lifting. You look forward to the gym as if it were a titty bar. It’s almost orgasmic when you are doing your routine. You don’t need me to reference that Arny video about “dah pump” do you? Well that is completely real.

The problem with that is you just removed one of the best sources of struggle from your life. POOOOOOF Gone. You no longer gain the benefit of the struggle. Sure you will get some bigger muscles, I’d never dispute that. But now when you go to the gym, it’s just like watching porn for your brain. You’ve turned the gym into porn, and I promise you this… porn isn’t good for you.

Don’t think for a second that this reason is trivial. It is not. It’s hard enough being masculine in today’s society. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

fuck you,

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