Money!!!! (MMM, and some holistic ideas)

  • Stop spending your money on dumb shit, period.  This is the most important part of becoming wealthy.  
  • Stop spending your money on dumb shit, period.  This is the most important part of becoming wealthy.  
    • I wrote that twice because it is so damned important.  This is the difference between wealthy people and poor people.  Wealthy people do NOT buy stupid things before they can afford them.  I highly suggest reading this blog right here: 
    • If you buy something dumb you had a 100% loss.  Nothing is worse than that per dollar.  You have to get this under control or you will always be poor.  PERIOD.
  • Stoicism:  Find this as quickly as possible.  Not only will your life be more tranquil, but building your resources will come naturally.  I recommend this book right here: 
  • Once you are comfortable with the above ideas you should also be building up your career.  You can only become wealthy if you have a good flow of income, and it’s much quicker if you are doing more than making minimum wage at your McJob.  Yes, you need a career.  
  • Sure it seems RP to start your own business.  Don’t do this unless you know what the fuck you are in for, and here is a tip.  YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR.
    • Use your 20s and build up a real career so that later in life you can start your own business when you aren’t a stupid 20 something.
  • Your 20s are for building your career and saving as much money as humanly possible.  Learn to have fun on the cheap.  Learn how to do basic investing and gain control of your  money, so that when you hit your 30s you will have some money to throw at good projects and maybe start your own company.
  • There are two kinds of investing, traditional and speculative.  I personally have made a ton in speculative investing but you may not.  Therefore you shouldn’t get into it without planning to lose that money.
    • I consider traditional to be stuff like your tax advantaged accounts and index funds.  Decent percentages over time, very low risk, and the tax advantages means very high returns on the dollar.
    • Speculative stuff is much more fun, but much much more risky.  Individual stocks, Bridge Loans, Private Equity, etc.  I’ve made and lost a ton in these.
  • Speculative investing is part of a cult for rich people.  Yes, rich people are their own demographic that you should be attempting to break into.  Rich people will always have projects that they are willing to bring their friends into.  This means that if you want to play ball, you have to be socially savvy.  
    • Here are some strategies to do this:
      • Stop wasting time doing nothing with your lame friends from high school that are content with minimal success.  Relegate them down to a facebook only statistic and hang with them at events, not as daily friends.
      • Gain some hobbies.  Productive hobbies that expose you to more people.  The more people you know the more opportunities to have some wealthy friends show up.
      • Do charity work, and make sure you write everything off.
      • Actively improve your ability to talk to people.  You need to be out doing social things, period.  If you are a sperg you should sign up for an improv class, and for gods sake you need to realize that you have a problem and fix it.  You CANNOT rationalize this requirement away, it will always be there.
      • And like I said above NEVER INVEST WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE!!!!!!
  • Pay as little in taxes as possible.  Get a good accountant who is willing to fill out the long form.  This can be especially important if you are contracting or are really doing just about any IT work in general.  I’ve attempted to do my own taxes before multiple times and I can never do better than my accountant.  And no, I’ve never feared an audit.  The rules are there for the rich to take advantage, if you are not, you are simply donating it to the government.  Maybe you like that, go ahead.  Just don’t plan on being rich.
  • Stop thinking that a Liberal Arts degree is useful.  College debt is something you really need to think about, especially vs a junior college or a trade school.  I paid a plumber over 300 bucks for under an hour’s worth of work.  There is no shame in actually being able to do things.  You can always change careers, you can’t just magically make debt disappear.  
  • It is VERY Important that you don’t waste your money on women, or that you don’t get into an LTR with an expensive woman.  An LTR is a fucking success battleship and everyone has a job, and noone’s job is to waste resources.  You probably aren’t ready for an LTR.  

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