An excerpt from a rant about science denial

This was from some pointless argument about science denial and leftist dogma. ¬†Hrmm… I guess I was yelling at some woman named Lynda.


Anyone that thinks people “don’t believe in science” is a complete puppet for an ideology. People are smarter than you think. What people are skeptical of is the leftist shit show that demands we completely screw over our citizens and more importantly our businesses on a damned whim. No leftist alive knows how on earth we will solve this “problem”: or even to what an extent this problem actually is. But they are very quick to propose “carbon taxes” and oppressive regulations without any evidence that they will do a damned thing. Anyone that thinks a little bit of tax here and there is fine doesn’t understand how money works. A few percentage points of income gone is the difference between you being very wealthy in 20 years and you having close to what you started with. That’s why this shit needs to be very very well thought out before implemented. Never “uh I guess we’ll be better off if we do this”. Which is what this crap all is. There is a difference between “we are here to stop you from dumping waste into this lake” and “you use x amount of gas so you should be taxed x amount of additional dollars”. And everyone on the left seems to be on the second side. And for Lynda, please read this one very slowly so when you reply I won’t have to re explain what I just said.

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