An excerpt from a rant about education.

I was in some pointless thread that was praising computers in schools.  This is an excerpt.


There really isn’t though. replacing blackboards with computers? Big deal. Japanese kids still use the abacus and they are killing us in the sciences. Last thing we need is more “technology” in education. What we need is more discipline in order to build conscientiousness. Big deal kids can type now, they can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes, and none of them have been properly condition for real world struggle. Everyone misses the damned point when it comes to education. “But we need a good curriculum with no religion blah blah” Who cares about the stupid curriculum, you can learn any facts you need in 2 seconds with a wikipedia search. The point of the school is making the child actually do real, hard work. So that the child actually has the tools necessary for both further education and the rest of his life. What good is teaching kids “science” or whatever if they can’t sit still. What good is teaching them anything if they aren’t even close to properly socialized and comfortable with things like failure and (dare I say it) your bootstraps. We saw examples of kids in higher education crying on the streets when Trump won the election. Actually crying. How is that kid supposed to keep a job? How can any of these kids innovate anything if they aren’t taught the value of very very hard work. Innovation isn’t just a government sponsored miracle, it takes hard, often very tedious, work. And it very often takes work in a team with other people with the same goals working for a boss that puts tremendous pressure on them. These are things that aren’t cultivated in schools as far as I can tell anymore. Hell, I’d take a school that taught discipline and camaraderie and still used blackboards any day over some whack job leftist primary school with all the tech in the world.

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  1. Well when I’m in class there’s literally no reward for any discipline besides showing up. 1/3rd of the class are on their phones or making loud obnoxious noises and the teachers allow it. Most of the time there’s no discussion happening or certain teachers are sperging out and its just mind numbing to just sit there doing noting all day long.

    The end result for me feels like I’m mentally exhausted when I arrive home despite not interacting with anything mentally or physically challenging. I guess what the computerz are trying to do is make the student more engaged but it will only amplify the teaching problems for the better or worse. Murphy’s law.

    /rant over

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