Physt shits on an anti american meme

So someone had posted this shitty meme that had these words in it:

Germans ARE patriotic.

In America you show patriotism by attaching a full size US flag on your pickup truck (Or confederate flag for alternative patriotism), singing the anthem before every baseball game, and sending 18 year olds to Iraq so you can later thank them for their service when they roll by you in their wheelchair in Walmart.

In Germany we show patriotism by voting for higher taxes on ourselves to make healthcare and college tuition universally accessible to our less fortunate fellow citizens, and by picking up after one another to keep public spaces clean and nice for everyone.

I guess it gets lost in translation.


Well, I had to write a reply to this fucking bullshit. ┬áHere you go, you’ll probably see some shit I’ve said in other articles.


This is utter rubbish and I’ll be happy to break some of it down for you.

1. Anyone that wants higher taxes on a whim does not understand how money works or how wealth is actually created. Period. I provided a nice example in that other thread and I’ll be happy to do it again here. Suppose you are a happy western family and you and your wife both make 50k. There’s a damned good chance that’s just about everyone in this thread. Suppose your jackass government increases taxes so that your family now has to pay an additional 15k dollars per year. Well over 20 years at 8% That 15 thousand dollars cost you: 741,343.82. Yes over 7 hundred thousand dollars. I started googling for fun and it looks like belgium has one of the highest effective tax rates on their income at 43%. That of course doesn’t factor in property tax, sales tax, and sin taxes. I’d say that number is much closer to 60%. Or in the case of our family. 60k per year. Let’s do that math again. 2,965,375.29. Yes if you live in belgium you are out 3 million dollars in 20 years. This is why people need to be really really fucking sure when they increase taxes. That shit takes a massive toll on people. “But these guys all get great benefits for their money” yeah? 3 million dollars? want me to do the math on 30 years instead? 7,340,752.08 That’s 7 million dollars. How about 40 years? 16,786,862.41. Most people retire in their 60s so 16 MILLION is actually more accurate. Is your free education and health care worth 16 MILLION dollars? I’ll be happy to go over some deeper math with any one of you liberals any time you’d like.

2. Universal college tuition is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You all know that college is much more than tuition right? Books, housing, cost of living on campus, lab fees are all astronomically expensive. If you are simply paying for tuition you are just giving money to people that can already afford it. what, do you hate poor people? No poor person can afford college if you only cover tuition. Second suppose you want to double down and say that the government should pay for all of the above that’s great. You know we have entire classes of people that have neither the desire nor the capability to go to college. Hell 10% of the population can’t even go into the army due to low levels of intelligence. Think that money isn’t going to be pissed into the wind? Any of you dummies actually consider that the rising cost of tuition happened because we allowed everyone in the US to get approved for government backed student loans? What do you think it will do if everyone has “free” education. Think it’ll be nice and low and cost the government what it does now? Or do you think that shit will soar into the stratosphere? Hrmmmmmmmm.

3. Do you think americans don’t help each other? Well I see 2 hurricanes that say otherwise. People aren’t actually all selfish assholes like you damned cynics all say. People are generally all right most of the time. Despite what the media tells you, they’ll help each other out. What really fucking sucks though is that I bet you are suggesting it be done at gunpoint. That’s what happens when you use the state to force it. No way people will have some resentment?



Also I’m happy to touch on some of the American Patriot points above in this shitty meme. I’ll start with the obvious. It’s pretty fucking nice to belong. In America we are all americans. If I wave my big flag off the back of my pickup truck and some guy gives me a “fuck yeah bro” and a nod. That shit feels really good. Life is a horrible fucking tragedy with us dying at the end, but at least we are on the same damned team. In the eyes of an American Patriot that shit transcends all these dumbass differences that the media wants to beat into us. At least we are all Americans. Why do you think the conservatives hate it when you rip down all the American shit? Hrmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah sure america did some really bad things, but also remember that a lot of people fucking died in the process of us getting where we are today. Show a little fucking respect. To an american patriot, when kap kneels during the anthem, it’s willfully disrespecting something great that we love. There’s not a lot of things that bring people joy anymore, but belonging to a nation can really take the edge off. Is that perfectly healthy? you know what, fuck you. If someone gets a little joy in their life by being very pro america, you just shut your damned mouth about it. Everyone seems to forget that America actually is a fantastic country to live in. OK let’s tackle the confederate flag, since I know that’s where this will go next. “But physt? People that wave confederate flags are racist assholes looking for fights!” You know what? Maybe that’s right. Maybe some of those guys are actually psychopaths that want the conflict. I am not sticking up for people like that, but don’t you idiots dare lump them in with everyone like this meme is attempting to do. On to the big pink elephant in the room. Yes soldiers die in battle. That’s what they do. Using them as a tool to push some fucked up leftist agenda isn’t appreciated, but I’ll try my best to tackle it. And it’s not easy to tackle either. People dying in military combat is a really fucking hard thing to process. If it’s not hard for you to think deeply about, then you probably shouldn’t have grown up talks about it. I can tell you I hate the way this meme trivializes the whole thing. “thank them for their service as they roll by you in their wheelchair at wallmart.” I’m sure I can find you some statistics about how many people die in war, how many US military soldiers have died. How many civilian casualties have died. I’m sure I could actually dig up some stats and explain that for all the enlistees there really haven’t been that many miliatary deaths lately, but that is a fool’s errand. Since this part is really hard for me, I’ll end on some snark. I can tell this german asshole that the US military is their military. Germany is our ally, and we’d send our soldiers to defend them as well. I wish people just show a smidge of respect.







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