A conversation with a young TRPer about heaven and hell.

I had a chat in private message with a TRPer about heaven and hell.  It think this is worth saving so people will get some of this into their own heads.  Weather or not you believe in heaven and hell in the afterlife, you should really consider thinking about the here and now, at least while you are here.





Friday, August 18th, 2017

2:57 PM self-making-v2 Has physt got any verbal arse kicking material on procrastination?
5:05 PM physt picture yourself at 30. having done nothing with your life. I bet that guy will be pissed at you.

Saturday, August 19th, 2017


1:22 AM self-making-v2 But that’s hyperbolic something (i think it’s reasoning). I finally watched JP’s how to slay your dragon… it helped
1:22 AM physt so when you picture yourself at 30, what do you see?
1:23 AM self-making-v2 I can’t envision that, honestly… I guess i just see this same bloke… and at 30, would be even more pathetic than i think of me now
1:28 AM physt because a lot of people don’t know what hell really is.
1:28 AM physt hell is waking up at 30 and realizing that you have accomplished NOTHING.
1:29 AM self-making-v2 I feel the catholic church would of been more successful if they sold heaven and hell in this way
1:29 AM physt hell isn’t after you are dead man
1:29 AM physt hell is here
1:29 AM physt hell and heaven
1:30 AM self-making-v2 I do have to say thank you though. You are definitely right about me being a narcissist
1:32 AM physt what do you think heaven actually is?
1:32 AM self-making-v2 for me, independence, milk and honey, the typical shit slaves dream of
1:34 AM self-making-v2 And to slow down time
1:34 AM physt yeah but if you had all that, you’d get soft, and in the case of slowing down time what would even motivate you?
1:35 AM physt I mean let’s be honest, you are procrastinating now… if you could slow down time, you’d be super screwed
1:35 AM self-making-v2 touche… but that’s why it’s heaven right? To have it all with no consequences.
1:36 AM self-making-v2 And i’ve been up for 35 minutes, this is waking up, not procastination
1:41 AM physt consequences give you meaning and purpose. nope, heaven can’t be without those. You’re going to have to come up with something better than that. Unless you are some kind of nihilist
1:42 AM self-making-v2 I genuinely can’t do nihilism. My brain doesn’t allow it
1:42 AM physt good, the only nihilists I’ve ever met were either in denial of fucking psychopaths
1:43 AM physt so what is heaven to you?
1:44 AM self-making-v2 Is it bad that when i think of heaven, my brain imagines being a powerful person in the community. And benevolent as well, i’d love to shape my community for the better
1:45 AM physt that’s a great heaven!
1:45 AM physt … but you can have that now
1:45 AM physt you just have to get it
1:45 AM physt last thing you need to do is die in order to get it either.
1:46 AM physt look man the point is this. Heaven and hell are here. Heaven is you becoming what you want, and hell is you fucking off and not getting it.
1:46 AM self-making-v2 Well like a complete momo, i’m literally writing a list of dragons i need to slay within myself
1:46 AM physt you should. that’s what JP’s self authoring program is and he’s had monstrous amounts of success with it.
1:47 AM physt heaven is moving forward, hell is standing still or moving backwards. weather you are religious or not, that has gotta make sense to you.
1:48 AM physt and when you said give you advice for procrastination, I’m trying to save you from hell!
1:48 AM self-making-v2 Yeah but my head imagines me way behind the rest of the herd, which is a strange thing because if you look at JP’s numbers for views… there’s a lot of people like me so why do i keep trying to trick myself?
1:48 AM physt don’t compare yourself to the herd. that’s foolish and will only lead to you undervaluing yourself. You are all you’ve got man.
1:49 AM self-making-v2 cheers man
1:49 AM physt so do some shit! get a little more heaven in your life and a lot less hell!
1:50 AM self-making-v2 lol
1:50 AM self-making-v2 sounds like a bumper sticker
1:50 AM physt you’re right, I really gotta sell this stuff

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