NOFAP: Put the dick down!

This topic gets brought up all the time.

“Hey physt, I jack off 3 times per day to objectively gross, my little pony related, female to male tranny porn, and now I can’t get it up when I’m fucking regular humans.  What the fuck is going on here?”

Well citizen, It seems you’ve jacked yourself right into a little box called the “holy fucking shit stop jacking off you retard… zone”.

“But physt, every leftist idiot out there says masturbation is great, healthy, and should be a part of everyone’s self stimulation portfolio from the time we have picked our gender at age 3 to the time we die of self loathing at age 40.”

Citizen, put your dick down.  It’s time we had a talk about NOFAP.


Yes NOFAP!  It’s not just for internet spergs anymore!  Time to break down life the universe and everything for you men out there.

Your stupid teachers never taught you the dangers of jacking off, so your uncle physt is going to now.

Just imagine this:

In a jackin’ off session you can fuck 50-1000 girls that are hotter than 99% of women on earth.  You can fuck them in any disgusting and morally questionable way your overstimulated brain can come up with.  You can do this without being in any sort of physical shape or having any sort of skill talking to them.  You can do this many times per day.

You can do this so often that you will actually get bored of the normal stuff.  You might even need to get a little creative or venture into that dark and scary part of the internet to get your jollies.

This isn’t just bad for you.  This is really fucking bad for you.  It is bad for all men on earth.

But not for you, because you are going to knock this shit off right now and jump on…

dun dun dun….


Yes you are going to stop jacking off and you will only jizz inside mostly willing females.  This way your brain will stay sharp and you won’t feel like a used ketchup packet all the damned time.

Let’s talk about the reasons why jacking off sucks for you in specific terms:

  • You get a reward without doing any work for it.  And this reward is fucking huge!  This affects your motivation obviously.
  • Jacking off to modern internet porn is like doing crystal meth or cocaine for your brain.  You are probably addicted already.
  • You gradually need weirder and weirder shit to get off.  This is how furries are created.
  • Enjoy your “death grip” and barely functional penis.  The girl will love it if you ever actually manage to fuck one.
  • Jacking off takes away your edge.  It makes you calm and passive.  The world wants you that way.  Girls don’t.  Real men looking for heroes don’t either.

“But uncle physt, It’s fine when I do it, I’m no addict and I can still get a boner with even 3/10 girls!”  That’s great bucko, but do you really think jacking off is good for you?  I’m sure you are currently 18 years old and can get a boner when the wind blows.  But eventually your testosterone will drop a smidge and you’ll have to function like a normal human.  Last thing you want is to be a normal human that also is addicted to jacking off.

Your dumb ass has been warned.

“But physt, you know I can’t digest any information without reading 50 articles and spending 200 hours obsessively googling about what you say!”

Well here you go faggot!

This is the Tedx talk that started the whole movement:  This guy isn’t as eloquent as me, but he is well versed in all the science.

If you want to be around other spergs going through the same shit then go here:  They will welcome you with open hands that aren’t freshly covered in spunk.

Fuck you!  But don’t fuck yourself,



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