Net Neutrality

Part 1:  Real Ultimate Power

People are spewing vitriol without understand what title 2 means in the slightest. They have no idea what the FCC is and how it operates. They have simply seen the memes and are reacting accordingly.

Even philosophically speaking, would you want 5 people who have a high turnover rate, are beholden to a political party in a 3-2 split, and have almost zero accountability, rule the internet with an iron fist? Think that’s a good idea? This is the same organization that will fine you for showing female bodies, or saying words it doesn’t think are nice. You and I both know there are a lot of things that we watch that aren’t nice. “Isn’t that a slippery slope?” No, it really isn’t. It only takes 3 people to pass regulations once title 2 is in place. Just 3. Think about that for a second. What if 3 people were convinced that internet pornography was a plague on humanity. POOF it can become illegal to transmit it. Without title 2, you’d need an act of congress. You’d have to literally convince hundreds of people. What if the government (under your favorite president donald trump) decided that what he thinks fake news is should be illegal as a plan to fight terrorism. Well, no problem! 3 of Don’s homies can pass a regulation that can fine ISPs for allowing data that he has deemed unworthy to pass through to your eyes. That’s exactly what happens on the airwaves now. Yes, today that already happens. You can’t show breasts on TV because the FCC said so. They determined that breasts and bad language are bad for you, and passed regulations that make providers legally accountable for the content that they are transporting. Think about this: there are people that are willing to cede that awesome level of power over the internet to 3 people just because they are afraid of an increase in the cost of Netflix.

THANK GOD that we currently have an FCC that has chosen to not keep this crap in place. I’m amazed that in our lifetime we’ve seen ANY part of government give up power of this magnitude. This is no joke, this isn’t some kind of tinfoil hat rant. This is a big deal, and we should be eternally grateful that we got to witness this bullet-dodge.

Part 2:  No you fucking idiot, you won’t see alacart packages.

more to come here when I finish writing it.  Fuck you -physt

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